with Ábel Lakatos

Lakatos Ábellel

30 March - 3 April, 2023
course fee: 350,000 HUF.


A somewhat hidden gem of the studio is one of the few kilns in the world designed and built by Japanese master Masakazu Kusakabe.

In this course I'll teach about woodfiring in general and also about the special firing cycle and unique features of the Sasukenei kiln. This kiln makes it possible to achieve results of the traditional Japanese anagama, have the flexibility of firing range from lower fire clays to porcelain like a noborigama, while having an economic building cost, short and sustainable firing cycle.

My firing routine -which can also be used in different kiln designs- favours colour of glazes and clays, and production of various ash and flame effects known from Japanese pottery with the use of less wood and time. 


A Stúdió egyik rejtett kincse a Sasukenei fatüzes kemence, melynek 2011-es építésén én is részt vehettem a japán mester Kusakaze Masakazu irányítása alatt.

A mostani kurzuson igyekszem átadni a fatüzelésről az évek során felhalmozott tudásomat ennek a speciális kemencének az égetésén keresztül. Ez a kemence lehetővé teszi a japán anagama kemencék bizeni stílusú égetési hatásainak elérését, a noborigama kemencék flexibilitásával rendelkezik, így alacsonyabb égetési hőfokú agyagokat és porcelánt is égethetünk bene egyszerre, ugyanakkor a fentiekhez képest rendkívül gazdaságosan építhető és égethető.

Égetési módszerem -mely más stílusú kemencékben is alkalmazható- előnyben részesíti a mázak és az agyagok színének kiemelését, de a tradicionális japán hamu effektek kialakulására is lehetőséget teremt.

Participants should bring ready and dry or bisque fired pieces. It is ok to fire unbisqued pieces in some parts of the kiln since the heating up is going to be slow. There's even a little time to make small works on the first night that can go into the kiln to try the local clays available in Hungary.

Day 1. Special features of the Sasukenei kiln / Looking at the work you brought and introduction of the glazes

Day 2. Theory of kiln arrangement / Glazing and loading of the kiln

Day 3. Firing

Day 4. Kiln cooling. Brief history of woodfiring and different kiln designs

Day 5. Unloading the kiln / Evaluation

Ábel is a ceramic artist and porcelain designer currently running the ceramic workshop of the Workshop Cooperative (Közös Műhely) in Budapest. I work with restaurants internationally, design and fire sets, while experimenting with local materials from all around the rivers and urban areas of my neighbourhood. I teach courses on wood-firing and ceramics in general, I used to be head of the ceramics department in Medgyessy Ferenc Art School.

A résztvevőknek kész, száraz vagy zsengélt darabokat kell hozniuk. A kemence egyes részein nyugodtan lehet majd zsengétlen darabokat is égetni, mivel a felmelegedés lassú lesz. Az első estén még lesz idő kemencébe szánt kis tárgyak készítésére is, hogy kipróbálhassák a Magyarországon kapható helyi agyagokat.

1. nap: A sasukenei kemence sajátosságai / A hozott munkák megtekintése és a mázak bemutatása

2. nap: A kemence elrendezésének elmélete / Mázazás és kemencerakás

3. nap: Égetés

4. nap: Kemencehűtés. A fatüzelés rövid története és a különböző kemencekialakítások.

5. nap: Kemence kiszedése / kiértékelés

Keramikusként és porcelántervezőként dolgozom, valamint a Közös Műhely Kerámiaműhelyét vezetem Budapesten. Éttermekkel dolgozom együtt itthon és külföldön, valamint szívesen kísérletezem ásott és gyűjtött alapanyagokkal. 


Accommodation in a single room.
Teaching fee.
Materials and any firings you need for the course.
24 hour access to the studio.
Refreshments: Free drinks, tea, coffee, snacks and fresh fruit are available for all participants. 

We have a limited number of rooms with private shower and WC at a supplement cost of 24,000 huf.


Please complete the online booking form



A 50% deposit is required within 14 days to secure your place on the course. The balance may either be paid in advance or in cash on arrival at the studio.


Participants may have fifty per cent of the deposit refunded provided that we are notified 30 days before the start of the course. No refunds of deposits can be made after this deadline.

If we have to replace the course leader for any reason we guarantee the course will be held by a teach-er of similar qualification. You may choose to participate in the course or transfer the deposit to another course of your choice. If none of these options are to your satisfaction your full deposit will be refunded.


Participants should bring with them their small personal hand tools. Remember to pack them in your stowed luggage not in hand luggage for flying.
Notebook, or sketch pad and pencil.

The workshop language will be English and Hungarian.


Accommodation is in single rooms with shared bathroom and WC. Rooms are simply furnished with bed, desk, chairs, wardrobe and cupboard and supplied with clean bed-linen, pillows and towels. Artists have the use of modern, fully equipped kitchens with shared refrigerators, cookers and microwave ovens. All cups, plates, cooking pots, saucepans and cutlery is provided. There are spacious lounges and dining rooms. All accommodation is self catering.

We have a limited number of single en-suite rooms with their own shower and WC. If you require a single room with a private bathroom there is a supplement cost of 24,000 HUF for the course.

We have an extensive library of ceramic books and magazines as well as other art publications. There is wi-fi internet access in most areas. There is also a laundry facility with washers and dryer.


All participants must be insured for medical and personal liability for the duration of their masterclass at ICS.
For EU citzens - please bring your EU Healthcard.
During the work period the ICS may document and publish the work of the artist in publications or on the ICS website.
ICS cannot offer storage for any artist’s works after the masterclass is completed.


The studios will be available if you wish to continue making items, though these sessions will not be taught. Additional materials to those provided by the course may be purchased from the technicians.

The tutor instructs students in health and safety issues relevant to this course. Students may work unsupervised on agreed projects once they have satisfied the tutor as to their competence. There may be restrictions on the equipment available to students in the tutor’s absence.

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