with Luca Tripaldi (Italy)

Luca Tripaldi-val

11 - 15 September, 2023
course fee: 550,000 HUF.


Come and create necklaces, rings and earrings, using a variety of making and surface techniques.

Luca will show unusual methods of assembly that do not need the use of any ready-made parts. Using new shapes and surface textures you can develop your own wearable sculptures.

The first 4 days of the course we will create diverse types of porcelain elements to create necklaces, rings and earrings. We will experiment a variety of surface treatment techniques to create decorations and texture. The last day we will assemble some porcelain elements into necklaces using assembling methods that do not need the use of any ready-made parts in metals or goldsmithing techniques. Those who wish can later apply what they have learned also on larger objects or with other clays.

Notice that all the porcelain elements made during the course will be fired before at low temperature, sanded and then high fired unglazed. Any glazing or decoration technique will be not covered in this course.

Gyere és készíts nyakláncokat, gyűrűket és fülbevalókat különböző elkészítési - és felületi technikák alkalmazásával.

Luca szokatlan összeszerelési módszereket mutat be, amelyekhez nem kell kész alkatrészeket használni. Új formákat és felületi textúrákat használva saját viselhető szobrokat alakíthatsz ki.

Porcelain is the most suitable clay for making ceramic jewellery. Its plasticity allows to achieve very thin pieces and once high fired its unglazed whiteness reminds us of the white marble and the texture of coral.


DAY 1 – Making of porcelain elements to create to different style of necklaces

DAY 2 – Making of porcelain rings and marbling techniques (low firing at 900°C in the evening)

DAY 3 – Making of porcelain chains (low firing at 900°C in the evening)

DAY 4 – Making of porcelain elements for earring, beads and brooches (high firing at 1280°C in the evening)

DAY 5 – Assembling methods and pieces finishing


Luca Tripaldi was born in Turin, Italy. Currently he lives in Florence where he has his studio. After training in graphic design, he worked for ten years in Mario Audello Studios as a sculptor, making masks and special effects for many opera houses like “Scala di Milano” and “Arena di Verona”. In 1998 he opened his own ceramics studio in Turin.

He uses porcelain, preferring unglazed surfaces or only glazed in some parts with crystalline glazes and dry glazes, in order to get strong contrasts. The most part of his jewels are in black or white porcelain, decorated with ceramic transfers. He conducts an intensive teaching activitie, holding workshops throughout Europe and the United States. He writes a technical ceramic column for the Italian ceramic magazin ”La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo”.


Luca Tripaldi az olaszországi Torinóban született. Jelenleg Firenzében él, ahol műterme is van. A grafikus képzése után tíz évig dolgozott a Mario Audello stúdióban szobrászként, ahol maszkokat és speciális kellékeket készített számos operaház számára, mint például a "Scala di Milano" és az "Arena di Verona". 1998-ban megnyitotta saját kerámiastúdióját Torinóban.

Luca porcelánt használ, és a mázatlan felületeket részesíti előnyben. Olykor csak az egyes részeket mázolja kristály- és száraz mázzal, hogy erős kontrasztokat kapjon. Ékszereinek nagy része fekete vagy fehér porcelánból készül, kerámiatranszferrel díszítve. Intenzív oktatói tevékenységet folytat, workshopokat tart szerte Európában és az Egyesült Államokban. Kerámiatechnikai rovatot ír a "La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo" című olasz kerámia szaklapba.


● Accommodation in a single room.
● Teaching fee.
● Materials and any firings you need for the course.
● 24 hour access to the studio.
● Refreshments: Free drinks, tea, coffee, snacks and fresh fruit are available for all participants.

We have a limited number of rooms with private shower and WC at a supplement cost of 24,000 huf.



A 50% deposit is required within 14 days to secure your place on the course. The balance may either be paid in advance or in cash on arrival at the studio.


Participants may have fifty per cent of the deposit refunded provided that we are notified 30 days before the start of the course. No refunds of deposits can be made after this deadline.

If we have to replace the course leader for any reason we guarantee the course will be held by a teach-er of similar qualification. You may choose to participate in the course or transfer the deposit to another course of your choice. If none of these options are to your satisfaction your full deposit will be refunded.


Participants should bring with them their small personal hand tools. Remember to pack them in your stowed luggage not in hand luggage for flying.
Notebook, or sketch pad and pencil.

The workshop language will be English.


Accommodation is in single bedrooms with shared bathroom and WC. Rooms are simply furnished with bed, desk, chairs, wardrobe and cupboard and supplied with clean bed-linen, pillows and towels. Artists have the use of modern, fully equipped kitchens with shared refrigerators, cookers and microwave ovens. All cups, plates, cooking pots, saucepans and cutlery is provided. There are spacious lounges and dining rooms. All accommodation is self catering.

We have a limited number of single en-suite rooms with their own shower and WC. If you require a single room with a private bathroom there is a supplement cost of 24,000 HUF for the course.

We have an extensive library of ceramic books and magazines as well as other art publications. There is wi-fi internet access in most areas. There is also a laundry facility with washers and dryer.


All participants must be insured for medical and personal liability for the duration of their masterclass at ICS.
For EU citzens - please bring your EU Healthcard.
During the work period the ICS may document and publish the work of the artist in publications or on the ICS website.
ICS cannot offer storage for any artist’s works after the masterclass is completed.


The studios will be available if you wish to continue making items, though these sessions will not be taught. Additional materials to those provided by the course may be purchased from the technicians.

The tutor instructs students in health and safety issues relevant to this course. Students may work unsupervised on agreed projects once they have satisfied the tutor as to their competence. There may be restrictions on the equipment available to students in the tutor’s absence.

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