Exhibition Program 2016

Thursday 6th April, 2017.
An exhibition of work by ceramic artist Edit Kondor

Exhibiton opened by writer ans musician Paizs Miklós.
Music by cellist Kertész Endre.
Exhibition opens Thursday 6 April, 2017 at 6pm.
Open until 28th April, 2017.
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Thursday 9 March, 2017 at 18.00.

The KKMM International Enamel Workshop, Kecskemét
the first 30 years.
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Thursday 9 february, 2017 at 18.00
T Ö R E D É K / F R A C T I O N
Sculptural works from the Contemporary Collection of the International Ceramics Studio.

In the latter part of the 20th century the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét became a catalyst for modern Hungarian ceramics and created an inspirational meeting place for creative artists from all corners of the world. János Probstner, the studio’s founder, created in Kecskemét, a centre of international exchange, allowing artists to work alongside others from a variety of rich and culturally diverse backgrounds as well as local arts professionals and students. The Contemporary Ceramics Collection, now grown into a major collection in European and international ceramics, is an important historical document of the first 40 years of the studio’s existence, now containing around 4000 pieces of ceramic art from over 500 artists from 45 countries. The uniqueness of this collection is all the pieces were created in the Studio, donated by invited and participating artists wishing to enrich this cultural archive of world ceramic art. To celebrate our 40th anniversary there will a series of exhibitions to spotlight works from the collection in both the Kápolna Gallery in Kecskemét and Museion Budapest featuring selected artists and themes. There will be shows of new works by Hungarian artists and memorial shows. In August 2017 a major part of our celebrations is an exhibition in the Vigado Gallery, Budapest and will document the four decades of the studio - from the early works of the 'Nomadic Generation' to more recent directions in contemporary ceramic art.

The work in this exhibition has been selected to give a taste of the richness of this collection of world importance. This current exhibition ‘Fractions’ has been chosen to show the sculptural and expressive qualities of clay and future shows will feature Figurative, Functional and Raku objects from the collection - giving us the opportunity to show works seldom seen from the storage cellars at the International Ceramics Studio.
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Thursday 4th August, 2016.
Diószegi Balazs

Diószegi Balazs (1914-1999)
The painter Balazs Diószegi, born in 1924 to a poor peasant family in Kunszentmiklós. He obtained an art teacher diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was a student of Gyula Rudnay. He worked as a teacher in Debrecen, Szentendre, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza and also in Novi Sad. In Novi Sad he was one of the founders of the Southern Rural Craftsmen's Guild of Fine Nyíregyháza is the creator George Bessenyei People's Fine Arts College.
In 1957, he moved back to Kiskunhalas after his retirement from teaching. This is where his painting developed to the extremely simplified form. For decades his drawings and illustrations were shown in various newspapers and magazines. By 70 years of age he had more than fifty solo exhibitions throughout the country. Three of his life's work can be viewed in a permanent exhibition in Kunszentmiklós, Kiskunhalas and Kisvárda.
He died in 1999 in Kiskunhalas, and he is buried in Kunszentmiklós.
Awards: Bertalan Székely Memorial Medal, 1971, 1974 Kiskun County Arts Award, 1976 Nyíregyháza I. International Artists Award, 1980 Munkácsy Award, 1980 Kiskunhalas Városért Award, 1998 Honorary citizen of the city of Kiskunhalas.

Ehibition opening on Thursday 4th August at 6 p.m.
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Tuesday 12th July, 2016
Exhibition of works by ceramic artist
Kontor Enikő

"Grass, trees, flowers, vase, man. Maybe meadow.
Where you take me? I'll go holding hands.
No privacy. No, it's not.
Not bad - not good.
Not free - not a prisoner.
No, it is not. Only serious. "
- Kontor Eniko

The exhibition will be opened by Czigány Ákos
Opening Tuesday 12th July, 2016 at 6 p.m.
Exhibition runs to 19th Jly, 2016.

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Friday 24th June, 2016
at Museion No.1 Gallery. (1091 Budapest, Üllői út 3.)

Debrecen Municipality and the Phoenix Event Organizer Nonprofit Kft., and the National Association of Hungarian Artists Hajdu-Bihar county group organised from 15 March 2016 until April 24, the 25th Spring exhibition in the Bényi Arpad restaurant at the Debrecen Kölcsey Center. A selection of the works will be shown in this exhibition at Museion.

For a quarter of a century Debrecen Spring Art Show, Hajdu-Bihar county has invited professional photo and fine artists interested in fresh contemporary art. Students of higher level of visual art education are also eligible to apply.

Members of the jury were: Aknay János Munkácsy and Kossuth Prize-winning painter, artist Kónya Ábel, Péter Ágnes Munkácsy Award winning sculptor, Stefanovits Péter Munkácsy Prize winner, Merited Graphic Artist and art historian Szoboszlai Lilla.

Award winners: VARGA MÁTÉ fotográfus / FÁTYOL ZOLTÁN festőművész / DURUCSKÓ ZSOLT grafikusművész / BOGDÁNDY GYÖRGY festőművész / TAMUS ISTVÁN grafikusművész / VARGA TAMÁS fotóművész / KÁNYÁSI HOLB MARGIT képzőművész

A kiállító művészek: ABY SZABÓ Csaba / B. NAGY Gabriella / Dávid BEERY / BÍRÓ Eszter / BOGDÁNDY György / BAGDÁNY Franciska / BURAI István / CSORJÁN Melitta / CS. HORVÁTH Judit / D. KIRÁLY Sándor / DURUCSKÓ Zsolt / ÉLES Bulcsú / FÁTYOL Zoltán / FEHÉR Csaba / GAJDÁN Zsuzsa / GÁL András / GONDA Zoltán / GYÖNGY Enikő / GYŐRFI Ádám / GYŐRI László / H. CSONGRÁDI Márta / HORVÁTH István / JÓZSA János / KASSAI Imre / KÁNYÁSI HOLB Margit / KOMLÓDI Judit / KOMISZÁR János / KURUCZ Imre / KURUCZ Petra / L. RITÓK Nóra / LÁNG Eszter / LÁSZLÓ Ákos / LUKÁCS Gábor / MAKAI Imre / MÁTHÉ András / MÉZES Márton / NAGY Sándor Zoltán / NURIDSÁNY Éva / PALOTAI Erzsébet / RÁCZ Imre / RÓZSA István Tamás / SUBICZ István / SÜLI István / SZABÓ Antónia / SZABÓ Lilla / SZILÁGYI Elek / SZILÁGYI Imre / TAMUS István / TÓTH Zsuzsa / TORÓ József / VARGA Máté / VARGA Tamás / VELÉNYI Rudolf / VINCZE László / WRÁBEL Erzsébet

All welcome to the opening Friday 24th June, 2016 at 18.00.
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Thursday 2 June, 2016. Exhibition opening: 18.00.
Boldizsár Zsuzsa
porcelain design artist

"The embroidery work of women's history and tradition are closely linked, partly consciously, partly intuitively, given the situation in my life I found him. My porcelain is decorated with a technique of digital embroidery transfers - the porcess of creating relief with the plaster moulds gives the embroidery a literal appearance. In other works the stitching is actual, breaking through the porcelain surface. One group of breakthroughs is figurative reflecting the popular 18th century European tradition of porcelain.

Exhibition opened by: Szabó Eszter Ágnes painter and curator.

Exhibition open until 22 June, 2016.
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7 April, 2016 - exhibiton opening 18.00
an exhibition of work by ceramic artist

The failure of the space as a whole. The work focusses on the relationship of using induced disturbances inside the perfection of the built environment. I use the pre unspecified chances of revolutions, which together make up a random face in my way of working. Unlike earlier small, weightless use of materials, raw clay and paper, these new works explore a dark, quiet accomplishment, remaining open to change.

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4 - 25 February, 2016
an exhibition of work by porcelain designer

The creation of forms that are linked to each other to provide a unified conceptual framework also formally function as a link between the pieces together not only become containers, but also comparable with each other.
The recording system be applied to my case, he used to write about the events, they are "material" to.
My works can be traced back to the language of our commitment, which is around me various phenomena, relations, relationship anchorage systems based on the material.

We look forward to the opening of the exhibition on February 4 on Thursday, 18 pm!

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open Tuesday - Friday from 14.00 - 18.00

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