Testimonials and comments from past artist residents and course participants 

"My time at the ICS was invaluable to me!
What a joy it is to have time and space with a community of makers.
The facilities, clay and staff were incredibly helpful. Thank you."

Stephanie Rozene (USA)
Winter Resident

"The course has turned out invaluable for my development as an artist and has opened horizons I would not have had without the help and guidance"

Intensive Mouldmaking course

"Thank you very much for organising a fantastic trip. We really appreciate all the care that went into making it comfortable and exciting and we think you did a great job of finding really comfortable hotels and showing us so much amazing Romanian and Transylvanian folk art, architecture and culture."

Thank you from all at Ohio University
Study Abroad

"Gabi was an excellent tutor, extremely patient and worked long hours. She was always on hand to help everyoe with whatever their requests were. I learned so much from her."

Mide Reddin
Mouldmaking for Ceramics Ireland

"The studio experience at the ICS provided me the great opportunity to explore different ways of making through an unfamiliar medium. Immersion in the studio community, having access to demonstrations unique to Hungarian tradition and culture and participating in a dialouge between other artists allowed me to rediscover the core interests essential to my practice while also allowing me to generate
new ways of thinking through process and material".

Ohio student
Study Abroad

"I thoroughly appreciated the workshop with Gerit.
She is an outstanding and exquisite teacher and her knowledge allowed me to further develop my work.
Understanding the nature of clay so well she brings forward a unique and different way of working according to the personality of each participant.
Also I wanted to thank Klari and Jacob for the engobes and firing to perfection.
The accommodation in the Keramik Center was wonderful. Thank you very much for keeping this beautiful place thriving.  All my best to you and all the staff,

Gerit Grimm mastercourse

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