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Studios and research facilities

  • studio space for 24 artists in a variety of single, double and large studio rooms.
  • plaster workshop
  • photo silkscreen equipment for direct or indirect transfer printing.
  • photo studio equipped with lights and backgrounds for taking pictures of your work.
  • exhibition halls and gallery spaces
  • museum of the ICS
  • a unique international collection of contemporary ceramics
  • a library with computer for artists use
  • lecture theatre
  • WiFi internet connection in most areas


We have a range of kilns available and a variety of fuels. We have wood burning kilns of various sizes and types including salt and soda glazing. Our technicians will pack and program kilns if required and assist in wood firings.

  • 10 electric kilns firing to 1280c
  • 2 large gas kilns firing to 1400c
  • 1 small gas kiln to 1300c
  • 4 wood burning kilns - 2 olsen fast fire, smokeless kiln and a catenary trolley kiln.
  • raku kilns for with a variety of reduction materials including sawdust, paper and oil reduction.

Plaster Workshop

Our plaster room is fully equipped and our technicians are available tlo assist in mould making. If you require a full mould making service then we can provide this at an extra cost.

  • plaster lathe
  • 2 professional plaster wheels
  • marble casting table
  • fan assisted drying cabinets

If you have any technical questions or need more information regarding the materials or equipment available, please contact us by email -


typical studio space

larger gas kiln

plaster room

salt kiln firing


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