Residential Mastercourses in a range of ceramic techniques and processes for beginners, experienced and professional ceramists. 

Our programme gives the opportunity to learn in a mutually supportive environment with experienced teachers, working with a full range of clays and kilns - from raku, high temperature gas and electric to woodfiring kilns for ash and saltglaze. 

For more details on each program please click on the program image below. Some details are still to be confirmed and will be available shortly. Places available are limited so it advisable to apply early.


19 - 31 August, 2021

The major elements in the creation of porcelain slip cast objects. Participants will learn the process of design, creating the original model from plaster and making the moulds, slip casting, and to have one high fire porcelain kiln with some of the finished works in at the end of the course.
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2 - 8 September 2021

A one week mastercourse to learn everything about china painting on porcelain.
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11 - 16 September 2021

Master the lithophane technique for creating porcelain artworks which reveal the extraordinary relief effects when lit from behind.
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13 - 17 September, 2021

Understand and utilize the opportunities for shaping forms using molding errors. Learn how to prepare a multi-part plaster mould to shape the internal and external forms of the final object.
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22 - 28 September, 2021

This course will introduce several different techniques for drawing and sculpting the horse from life.
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26 - 30 November, 2021

Participants will have the opportunity to make their own moulds with guidance and tuition from this master, learning techniques and processes that make the European porcelain tradition the pinnacle of the porcelain arts.
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26 November - 1 December, 2021

Make and fire your own work in our Super-E woodfired kiln under the guidance of studio expert Enikő Kontor.
The schedule gives you three days of making your work before bisque firing followed by glazing, packing and firing the SuperE.
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Courses in 2022

7 - 11 March 2022

Sledging, or profiling, is a modelling technique with huge potential. Sledging describes the act of dragging a profile through wet plaster and is, essentially, extruding with plaster. Success lies in the simplicity of sledging, which relies on the preparation of templates and tools that allow you to form the plaster
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5 - 14 April, 2022

On this course you will learn throwing techniques, faceting and turning and other decorative mark making, Slip and glaze recipes and application techniques, Packing and firing of a wood fired saltglaze kiln
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20 - 27 April, 2022

This workshop is suitable for all of you who would like to develop a deeper understanding of glazes so that you are able to develop those glazes that you want with a reasonable effort and to fire it successfully.
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16 - 20 May, 2022

Build up rich layers of imagery by etching into clay, then combining underglaze stains, decals, enamels and lustre, to make detailed and unique ceramic illustrations.
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18 - 22 July, 2022

On the course you will create an original model from plaster and making the moulds ready for slipcasting or press moulding. Bring your drawings and sketches and Gabi will guide you through the process of moulds - single piece, two part, multiple parts etc.
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In this course Susan Nemeth will explore colour, pattern and imagery using various techniques of staining and layering slips and porcelains.
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My approach is experimental and observational and together we shall work with techniques that enable you not just to observe the creation of work that is in the style of ‘Eddie Curtis’ but to inspire a way of working that helps you to create vessels, containers and/or sculptures with a singular identity of their own.
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Screenprinting with Mária Geszler

A diary is one of the most beautiful, and most intimate objects : we will create a book made of clay and porcelain, which contains pictures, writings, notes, pressed leaves, personal secrets.

Starting from your own photographs, sketches and drawings you will print on wet clay slabs and build them into objects inspired by the theme “Diary”.
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“During almost 30 years I developed my unique strip-shaped objects, from the first spiral sculptures to the platters and bowls. What is very different in my way, to compare with a traditional way of ceramic making, is that I start with the colour, and when I make the shape, the colour is already there with it’s beautiful surface and structure”
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A kurzus alatt megtanítom hogyan kell kézzel kinyújtani az agyagot hosszú rusztikus szalaggá és hogy hogyan lehet ebből szokatlan formájú tálakat, tányérokat, esetleg fali tárgyakat készíteni.
"A közel 30 év alatt kifejlesztett egyedi eljárásom alapeleme a kézzel nyújtott agyag szalagokon alapuló formaképzés. A kezdeti spirál szobroktól a tálakig, mind ugyan ezzel az eljárással készül"
A hagyományos kerámia művészeti módszerrel szemben az én eljáráson nem a formával, hanem a színekkel kezdődik.
Amikor a forma elkészül, a szín már ott van a gyönyörű felületével és struktúrájával.
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This course will introduce different techniques for throwing on the wheel and using slips as an expressive textured surface.
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Korongozás és kreatív engobe technikàk alkalmazása:
A pillanat időtlensége, experimentàlis felületkísérletek korongozott tàrgyakon.
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Past courses

Photos from past courses are on our facebook page.

Click the link to see the course albums.

CHINA PAINTING with Dobány Sándor
PERSONAL OBJECTS with Karsai Zsófia

CREATIVE MOULDMAKING with Simon Zsolt József
SUPER E WOODFIRING with Kontor Enikő


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