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"Thank you very much for organising a fantastic trip. We really appreciate all the care that went into making it comfortable and exciting and we think you did a great job of finding really comfortable hotels and showing us so much amazing Romanian and Transylvanian folk art, architecture and culture."

Ohio University Study Abroad

"My time at the ICS was invaluable to me! What a joy it is to have time and space with a community of makers. The facilities, clay and staff were incredibly helpful. Thank you."

Stephanie Rozene (USA),
Winter Resident

Thank you so much for the most inspirational and certainly the absolutely best organised course I have ever attended! 
My head is buzzing now with ideas that I could apply to my Masters project, but, most importantly, you gave me the tools to play, explore and combine manyfold techniques in infinite ways - priceless!!! Your delivery was incredibly stimulating, professional and humorous, and you were so lovely and encouraging - there are no words to describe how privileged I feel to have been allowed into your workshop this week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Steve, thanks for being our attentive and knowledgeable moderator! 
I would give you 5***** on Tripadvisor.

Johanna (UK)

"I thoroughly appreciated the workshop with Gerit Grimm. She is an outstanding and exquisite teacher and her knowledge allowed me to further develop my work. Understanding the nature of clay so well she brings forward a unique and different way of working according to the personality of each participant. Also I wanted to thank Klari and Jacob for the engobes and firing to perfection. The accommodation in the Keramik Center was wonderful. Thank you very much for keeping this beautiful place thriving. All my best to you and all the staff.

Astrid (CH)

I took the Wendy Kershaw printing workshop to revitalise my thinking through learning new techniques, it did this and more! I don't think I have ever enjoyed learning so much and there was so much to learn! Wendy teaches not only printing techniques with tremendous skill and knowledge, she instills an enthusiasm for creativity whilst doing it. Over four days my studio became full of drawings, collage, spilling out of the clay and onto the walls and back again. I cannot wait to come to another of her workshops and hopefully next time, in Hungary too!

Natasha, (UK)

Hi Wendy and Steve!
Just wanted to thank you both for the 4 wonderful days together on this fantastic course per zoom organised by you both. Even though I have been working with these materials for many years , the presentation and style of Wendy is very original and inspiring...so glad I joined the course. Wendy is a Fantastic teacher with a lot of patience answering many questions and sharing all her ideas and tips to everyone and Steve is always there in the back ground for the technical works . . . a SUPER team . . . well done and thank you both.

Lorraine, (CH)

The course was well organised and worked way better than I ever hoped. It was great to have your own workspace and kit to hand. It’s left me with a lifetime of techniques that I am still digesting. Basically it was like 14 courses rolled into one but done in a calm and relaxed manner. 
Many thanks.

Dawn, (USA)

It was four refreshing days full of learning, inspiration and creative challenges. Thank you Wendy for your generous information and kindness and Steve thank you for coordinating us so professionally. You both made a very good team.

Diana, (USA).


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