Artist Residency

The ICS Artist-in-residence program allows artists to work in the context of a different country and culture.

The Artist in Residence Programme provides artists with the space to create new works, experiment with innovative ideas and research new and different ways of making. Artists are encouraged to explore all our facilities to open up new possibilities and directions for the contemporary ceramicist. The program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own projects. Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific project or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere alongside other international ceramic artists.

We provide ceramic artists and potters with opportunities to experiment and explore new directions in their work. Resident artists are able to exchange ideas and experiences through presentations and informal discussion. The luxury of time and the studio environment allows for intense periods of creativity free from the distractions of everyday pressures. Art and life become one - in perfect balance.

On average there are up to six artists in residence at the ICS at any one time. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the other artists but enough space to be quiet and reflective.

We have 5 residency periods available during 2023 each of 4 weeks duration. It is possible to extend the length of stay.

RESIDENCY 1 : 1 - 31 March, 2023
RESIDENCY 2 : 17 April - 12 May, 2023
RESIDENCY 3 : 26 June - 21 July, 2023
RESIDENCY 4 : 4 - 29 September, 2023
RESIDENCY 5 : 9 October - 3 November, 2023 


There is no application deadline and applications will be considered throughout the year. We require 6 digital images of recent work by email, accompanied by a current CV (Resumé) and a brief outline of your intended work during your residency for us to consider your application. Please tell us what are your preferred dates for the residency.

If you are interested in making an application please email for further information and an application form can be downloaded from here.

Conditions and fees
for Artists in Residence

Fees for the residency include

Your accommodation in a single room with shared bathroom on a self catering basis.

24 hour access to your studio.

Technical assistance with firing, glazes etc.


A 50% deposit is required upon acceptance to secure your place. This must be paid within 30 days of the acceptance. The balance may either be paid in advance or in cash on arrival at the studio.

Refund Policy 

Participants will have fifty per cent of the deposit refunded provided that we are notified at least one month before the start of the residency. No refunds of deposits can be made after this deadline.


All participants must be insured for medical and personal liability for the duration of their time at ICS. 

For EU citzens - please bring your EU Healthcard. 

During the work period the ICS may document and publish the work of the artist in publications or on the ICS website. 

ICS cannot offer storage for any artist’s works after the residency is completed.


As an Artist-in-Residence, you are expected to work independently in the studios and follow the studio's rules.  You are responsible for your own personal safety and the safety of others. You may be charged for any injury you may cause to other persons or damage to equipment or facilities.

Winter Residency

We are offering special winter residencies for artists wishing to come at a quieter and more peaceful time.

These residencies are for a six week period from mid January to the end of February each year.

15 January - 23 February, 2024

The cost of this six week residency is 660,000 HUF.
Accommodation is in single bedroom with shared facilities.

If you are interested in making an application for Winter Residency please email for an application form.

The deadline for application for Winter Residencies is 30th October each year.


 Study Abroad for  Schools and College  Groups

The International Ceramics Studio is open to all possibilities for universities, art schools and independent organisations to bring groups of students, teachers and practising artists to work in our centre.

We are pleased to organise for you and facilitate educational programs for many student groups, including travel, workshop visits, invited lecturers and demonstrators and interesting field trips. Many universities bring groups of students and tutors to complete a student project, using the facilities we offer.

Students find it an invaluable experience to work in an atmosphere of total involvement, not only furthering their knowledge and experience in ceramic arts but also building long lasting personal impressions and friendships.

Discounts are available on the costs for student groups. Please discuss this and other any ideas and possibilities with our international co-ordinator.

The studio has an impressive range of facilities, including specialist equipment not usually available to students in normal educational establishments, providing them with increased opportunities and experiences. Students have exceptional 24 hour access to workshops and equipment, breaking down the barriers between education, life and art.

Alongside the teachers and professors, leading Hungarian and world-famous artists invited by the Studio also teach while making their own work. Students are able to learn in a supportive and mutually creative way, experiencing philosophy, processes of thought and technical expertise of the masters.

If you are interested in making a reservation please email for further information.


We can provide packages to suit almost any requirements and to help you plan your trip we can organise . . .

Arriving at the airport.
You can be met at the airport by our staff and transported by bus to the studio.

Demonstrations and workshops by leading artists and teachers.
As well as the world leading artists working in the studio throughout the year we can call on specialists to teach specific techniques or processes.

Field trips to museums, porcelain manufacturers and artist studios.
The ICS has excellent relations with museums and factories giving unique access to museum deposits and collections

Trips to historic or touristic places.
Hungary is a very beautiful and historic country. Take the opportunity to know the culture of central Europe better.

Help with budgeting for your trip.
We will assist in every way possible to accurately budget for your materials and accommodation costs. We can give estimates for living expenses etc.

Making a Study Abroad Reservation
A 50% deposit is required upon acceptance to secure the places. The balance is due three weeks before arrival at the studio.

Refund Policy
In case of cancellation you may have fifty per cent of the deposit refunded provided that we are notified 30 days before the start of the booking in the studio. No refunds of deposits can be made after this deadline.


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