2024 International Ceramic Symposium

5 - 30 August, 2024

In 2024, figurative ceramics will be the central theme of the symposium. Figurative ceramics are works of art that bear strong references to reality and the real world. With the strengthening of abstract tendencies in recent decades, this genre trend has been strongly repressed in the world of contemporary ceramics, and with the invited participants of the symposium, we will research and explore this topic, each with their own means of self-expression, through their own language of form.



With his sculpture, Porelli wants to provide access to an archetypal dimension of reality, condensing surrealist contaminations, Pop proliferations and archaic symbolism in his visual language. The anthropomorphic inventions that he elaborates produce an estrangement effect of the figuration, creating iconographic absurdities and a new mythology of the present. With his human repertory, Porelli emphasizes the critical issues of contemporary mankind and all the phenomena that underlie society, including the unsustainability of civilization as a development model and its incompatibility with nature.

His sculpture becomes an example of cultural eclecticism and historical nomadism, representing stylistically the expressive globalization of creation. In addition to painting, Porelli's work finds its preferred expressive technique in ceramics, both for the connection of this material with the ancestral roots of man, and due to its versatility, which offers him the opportunity to express current, modern and contemporary concepts.

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I was inspired by destroyed buildings, old ruins, and nature. The architecture of my hometown (Cheolwon, South Korea), which was destroyed during the Korean War, the traces of old ancient ruins (for example, the remains of ancient Rome and the Moroccan clay castles), and the forests of Germany, all inspired me and I was able to find interesting elements through them, these are open structures, internal spaces, surface textures. I have been working hard on this. I can also feel imperfect beauty through them. These elements are an important basis of my work.

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 Taiwan / Belgium 

In her works, she plays similarities and reinvents metaphors between the given meanings, symbols, shapes, and associations from nature, daily life, and the human body parts. She reinterprets those elements that refer to gender fluidity, genesis, erotic power and sensuality to generate her artworks as dynamic transforming hybridities. Moreover, she expects to evoke the viewers' relational thoughts of the interconnected bodies of humans and non-humans, which interprets the all-things-connected assemblage of various vital cycles. Accordingly, her works illustrate an uncanny surrealistic symbiosis by delicate porcelain to imply the fragile status of the body between being and becoming to intrigue the viewers' wonder.

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